What is the Midas account?
The Midas account is a precious metals investment account that allows to buy gold & silver once & collect “dividend” checks for as long as you are invested in the account.

How does it work?
The Midas account buys undervalued U.S. gold & silver coins trading at significant discounts to their historical premium levels and delivers the coins to you or an authorised storage facillity.. As the coins become fully valued again, you are notified and the coins are sold at a profit.and a dividend check is sent and the money rolled over into new undervalued coins & the process is repeated.

Who holds the coins in my Midas Account?
Liberty Financial does not provide storage for customers coins. So you have the choice of either taking physical delivery of your gold & silver coins or you can open your own segregated storage account at Delaware Depository Service Company, they store both bullion products as well as certified U.S. gold & silver coins..

Do you buy bullion or gold coins?
The Midas account purchases both modern bullion gold & silver coins for IRA accounts as well as pre-1933 U.S. gold & silver coins for the Midas cash account.

How do I know the value of the coins in my account?
You can view the current market value for your certified gold or silver coins or bullion coins anytime at www.pcgs.com